Registrations for the 6th IES is open. So hurry up!

Take advantage of very favorable rates for early registration (before February 1), especially if you are a student or a Doctorate Student.

The 1st DocEth Doctoral Conversations in Ethics from the 10th to 11th of March 2015 is primarilly for you! You are working on topics concerning ICTs (information and communication Technologies) in any field: health, education, Engineering, domestic and Family life, automation, business... So it's for you!

And guess what? If you are a student under  the age of 35, registration for the first DocEth and the 6th IES is free... But note that this is within limits of available (600) seats! So, hurry to register !

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Be among the first to register for these international Ethical reflections with simultaneous translations in French/English. This symposium promises to shed great light on the Ethical issues in Information and Communication Technologies! Many talk about it but only a few really try to understand the issues!
Everything is constantly moving in the domain of ICT , but how do we know where we are headed? Are ICTs really revolutionary?

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Help us! If you have the opportunity to host one or more participants in the 6th JIE, looking for an accommodation in Strasbourg during the duration of the conference, contact us CEERE@UNISTRA.FR

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