Soon the 6th International Ethics Symposium (IES) will be here... and already there are two separate calls for Papers and/or contributions!

Information communication technologies (ICT) jostle us ... you certainly have some experience of this! And when you stop to think of it, it is fascinating!

Today we teach in a changing world, work in constantly evolving companies, and care for patients with new innovative technologies. Today, we read on tablets, learn in an age when digital systems are almost eclipsing handwriting and the use of other traditional media of learning and expression: the challenges are many.

How do we analyze and/or intellectually articulate our new world? What are the issues?
We invite you to speak up, answer the call for papers in the area/field that interests you!

Take advantage of the summer to write an article and send us either a paper or a poster, which can be in either French or English.

If you are PhD student, there is a particularly attractive event for you, namely: THE DOCTORAL CONVERSATIONS IN ETHICS (or DocEth) from the 10th to 11th  March 2015.

For everyone, we are renewing the experience of the International Ethics Symposium (IES) from the 12th to 14th March 2015. The program, calls for papers, etc.., are available on this site.

Do not hesitate to send us propositions about your intervention(s) in any of these programs and, most importantly, kindly register! Early registration will give you benefits ...

Have a great summer and see you soon!


Call for papers of the JIE

A specific call for the PhD students and the post-PhD students

Inquire, write, propose...

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