LEWIS Oliver

LEWIS Oliver

Adresse professionnelle :

Mental Disability Advocacy Center - Hercegprímás utca 11 - H-1051 Budapest  Hungary
Tel. : +36 1 413 2730 - Fax.: +36 1 413 2739 - Mail :  olewis@mdac.info - www.mdac.info

Titres universitaires et professionnels :

• Executive Director, Mental Disability Advocacy Center, Budapest, Hungary
• Visiting Professor, Legal Studies Department, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
• Visiting Lecturer, Law School, University of Leeds, UK

Suggestions de livres :

Bartlett, P., Lewis, O. and Thorold, O., (2007) Mental Disability and the European Convention on Human Rights, Martinus Nijhoff, the Netherlands. 377pp, foreword by Sir Nicolas Bratza, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights


Disabilities, capabilities and rights

Handicaps, capabilités et droits
Behinderungen, Fähigkeiten und Rechte

Summary :

This presentation will outline how international human rights law is encouraging a shift in our thinking and actions, a shift from deficits to capabilities, from best-interests to autonomy, from paternalism to self-determination. In particular the presentation will address the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and practical examples will be given from law and policy reform across Europe and wider afield.